Flying Scotsman steaming through the ben

The Flying Scotsman steams through the Wiske Benefice

Benefice of the Wiske



Diocese of Leeds


Christmas in the Wiske Benefice
Do come and celebrate with us the true meaning of Christmas.

Sunday 27th November:

Saturday 3rd December: Children's Workshop for Christingle 10am - 12noon - Great                                                                                                                        Smeaton Church.

Sunday 4th December: North Mowbray group WI Carol Service, 2.30pm - East Cowton                                                                                                                                     Church.

Sunday 4th December:  Christingle Service, 5pm - Great Smeaton Church.

Sunday 11th December: Christingle Service, 4pm - Danby Wiske Church.

Sunday 11th December: Carol Service, 6pm - East Cowton - Mince pies & Mulled wine                                                                                                     afterwards in the Annexe.

Tuesday 13th December: East Cowton School Christingle 2pm - East Cowton Church.

Thursday 15th December: Appleton Wiske Pre-school Nativity, tbc - Appleton Wiske                                                                                                                                         Church.

Sunday 18th December: Carol Service, 11am - Great Smeaton Church.

Sunday 18th December: Carol Service, 5pm - Appleton Wiske Church.

Sunday 18th December: Carol Service, 7pm - Danby Wiske Church.

Wednesday 21st December: Carols on the Green, 6.30pm. Danby Wiske.

Saturday 24th December: Crib Service, 4pm - Danby Wiske Church.

Saturday 24th December: Crib Service, 4pm - East Cowton Church.

 Saturday 24th December: Carol Service, 7pm - Birkby Church.

Saturday 24th December: Midnight Communion, 11pm - East Cowton Church.

Saturday 24th December: Midnight Mass, 11.30pm - Appleton Wiske Church.

Sunday 25th December: Christmas Worship, 9am. - Danby Wiske Church.

Sunday 25th December: Carols and Communion, 9.30am - Great Smeaton.

Sunday 1st January: Carols and Communion, 10.00am - Great Smeaton.

News and Updates

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Praying for our communities this year

You are invited to pray on a regular basis for the life of our villages and their churches. The following prayer is available on a card at the back of each Church, and I will use it daily as part of my own rhythm of prayer.

Loving Lord

Bless this place (name your village/community in this prayer)

Let your love be here

Fill it with your peace

Let your joy be here

Fill it with your grace

Let your light be here

Fill it with your power

Let your hope be here

Fill it with your living water

In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  Amen

Praying for each of the villages in turn around the benefice

This week

Monday            Appleton Wiske

Tuesday            Birkby

Wednesday       Danby Wiske & Hutton Bonville

Thursday           East Cowton

Friday                Great Smeaton & Hornby

Saturday            North Cowton

Sunday              for the whole benefice.

        Letter from our Clergy

December 2022

Hope is Born

I don’t mean to depress you, and in just case you hadn’t noticed, things

aren’t going well, globally, economically, nationally and internationally,

there is a litany of troubles and fears and anxieties. For many of us Christmas

will have to be different.


So, what makes a ‘Good’ Christmas. The adverts seem to suggest pigs in blankets, sparkling wine, corny sweaters, and a bigger TV.  Forget the problems for a few days and then into the bleakness of a difficult new year.


Christmas is the time to remember that God sent someone to deal with the troubles and anxieties of life, to bring hope, to bring light into darkness. The “good news” is that he didn’t send a politician or a soldier, a businessman or scientist, not a sports star or actor or musician. Surprisingly he sent a baby, His Son, Jesus! Not as a coach who stands on the side-lines, shouting instructions or commands, but rather to get involved in living life in the midst of all its toils and troubles. It wasn’t a quick fix or easy answer, it took all of his life. Not just for us, but with us.


In his coming, His Present and his presence, we can find a hope and a strength. A love that sustains us a peace that calms us and courage to keep on living and loving in God's way.


I love decorating our house, inside and out, with Christmas lights. I love the way they sparkle and glint, and how they break the power of the dark. They lift my spirit. It’s always disappointing when I have to turn them off and take them down. The beauty of Christmas is that we can carry this Light in our hearts and minds and spirits, not just for 12 days of Christmas, but every day


As we let his love, his peace his hope his light shine in us so it

will also shine out into the world. The light has shone in the

darkness and Darkness cannot put it out.


Wishing you a hope filled, peaceful and love filled

Christmas and New Year




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St Peter's with new roof_ 13Aug.JPG

St Peter - Birkby

Priest in Charge: Revd. David Bartlett
Church warden: Jonathan McCloy
Secretary: Margaret Owens
The Church is open several times a week.

Services are usually held twice a month,
on 2nd and 4th Sundays in the month.
2nd Sunday - Holy Communion -9.00am
4th Sunday - Morning Prayer - 9.00am
We usually follow the Book of Common Prayer 

Church Information

The Benefice of the Wiske is a group of 5 churches, located in the NE corner of the Diocese of Leeds. Our Benefice comprises several small villages and hamlets near the River Wiske which are largely rural in character, but are also commuter villages, as agriculture, though still important, no longer employs many people and most work in Northallerton, Darlington or Teesside. The population has a high percentage of retired people. There is a Church of England (VC) Primary School in East Cowton and primary schools in Great Smeaton, North Cowton and Appleton Wiske. A Youth Group meets every other Friday during term time at All Saints. The Benefice has a Priest in Charge, supported by retired priests and lay readers.


Contact Us

Revd. David Bartlett

Benefice of the Wiske

01609 765323

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