Lent Groups running in the Richmond Deanery 2021

Please contact the relevant co-ordinator to join.

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Leeds Diocese Lent Course - Living a Rhythm of Life


Details at: Rhythm of Life - Lent Course 2021 Tickets, Wed 24 Feb 2021 at 19:30 | Eventbrite


This online course begins on the 24th of February and consists of 6 weekly sessions throughout the season of Lent. Course dates: Sessions run 7.30pm - 9.00pm on Wednesdays 24th Feb, 03 March, 10 March, 17 March, 24 March, 31 March

This course can serve as a stepping stone for further engagement with the Rhythm of Life material. There will be six sessions via Zoom, with online materials and discussion/reflection questions.

Sessions will provide an opportunity to engage with the seven Rhythm of Life areas for deepening commitment to: praying, reflecting, encouraging, sharing, resting, celebrating, creating.



The Church of England - ‘Live Lent: God’s Story, Our Story’;


From Ash Wednesday (17 February) to Easter Sunday (4 April), there will six reflections for each week, written by Stephen Hance, the Church of England’s National Lead for Evangelism and Witness. Each reflection will include a short passage from the Bible, a brief exploration of the reading, and a prayer. Additionally, each week will have a unifying theme and an action to be taken during the week.

The daily reflections will be made available through a booklet available to buy from Church House Publishing, as well as a free app, emails, audio and through the Church of England’s social media accounts.

#LiveLent 2021 church resources: God’s Story, Our Story | The Church of England


Churches Together in Britain and Ireland Lent Course:


Lent study 2021 – The Poet’s Gospel (ctbi.org.uk)


The Bible Society - ‘The Lent Encounter’.

This is a free 40-day journey to help you connect more with the Bible and the life of Jesus. Sign up and you’ll receive one email every day during Lent. These will include Bible verses, beautiful and inspiring images (created especially for you to save as your device screensaver), video reflections and practical challenges.

The Lent Encounter follows the narrative of Andrew Ollerton's new book 'The Bible, a story that makes sense of life'.

More information at this link The Lent Encounter - Bible Society


Lent Bible Study

Dwelling in the Word


The Gospel of Mark is the shortest Gospel of the four and has just fifteen chapters. The reading calendar on the next page breaks up the Gospel for reading over the 40 days of Lent and offer an opportunity to really walk the whole of Christ’s journey, with the disciples, towards the Passion. Colour in each passage as you work your way through.


Read it, simply as you would read any other book, but as you read it each day, you might ask yourself these questions to help reflect on the passage.


Who do I most resonate with in this passage? Why?
Can I imagine the scene, sight, smell, touch, sound.?

What do I know that the disciples don’t yet know?

What troubles me and what consoles me?

What is God up to here?!


You might wish to write down or record anything you have discovered that you can share with a reading partner or questions you can discuss together…


It’s a great idea to do this with a partner

We suggest you have a time everyday to read the passage on your own and then write down any thoughts you have.


Once a week, why not meet up with your reading partner to discuss what you have read and learnt. You can meet up on Zoom or what’s app, have a phone call, go for a walk together... As long as it’s compliant with lockdown regulations feel free to be creative!


Wednesday lunchtimes during Lent there will be an opportunity to chat with others via Zoom, ask questions and share what you’re discovering.

C&T Lent Lunch Group 12.30 - 1.30 Wednesday lunchtime starting 24th February




Via Telephone 0203 901 7895 or 0131 460 1196 United Kingdom

Meeting ID: 891 7488 8742 Passcode: 953819

St Mark's Gospel in 40 days

Jenny Read-Heimerdiger, who is new to this area, is running  an online course for non-specialists, on

Jesus in his Jewish World.

Below is her two-page flyer (a summary followed by a more detailed description)

Please contact her direct if you are interested.

Further information about Jenny can be found at:


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